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Jackson, Nikki, & Kristen Attend Scream Awards (Beware - Spoilers)

18 Oct 2010

On Saturday night (October 15), Jackson, Nikki, and Kristen all attended the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards (photos to come later). 'Eclipse' pulled in some awards, winning Best Fantasy Movie, Kristen Stewart as Best Fantasy Actress, Rob as Best Fantasy Actor, and Xavier Samuel with Breakout Male Performance.

The two-hour pre-taped extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 19 (9:0011:00 PM, ET/PT).

To see the full list of winners, you can view them here.

Credit: Access Hollywood

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Video: Jackson Rathbone Behind The Scenes with NYLON Magazine

22 Jul 2010

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Jackson Rathbone Says Making 'Breaking Dawn' Will Be 'Amazing Experience'

27 May 2010

'I find myself working with people I've dreamed of working with,' actor says of director Bill Condon.

"Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone can't believe his luck: Not only is he part of a hugely popular franchise, but he's been able to work with some of his favorite directors. When MTV caught up with Rathbone, who is in two big summer movies "Eclipse" and M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" he revealed he can't wait to start work on "Breaking Dawn" with Oscar-winner Bill Condon at the helm.

"I have not yet had a chance to meet Bill Condon, but I think it's going to be an amazing experience to work with an Academy Award-winning director of his caliber," he said. "Getting to work with these incredible directors that I've admired, ever since filming "The Last Airbender" with M. Night, even the first "Twilight" with Catherine Hardwicke. I really loved her directorial debut, [which] I think was 'Thirteen.' I thought that was incredible, and she co-wrote it with Nikki Reed, who's a good friend of mine now."

Rathbone said he's still trying to wrap his mind around it all and just wants to bask in the glow.

"I find myself working with people I've dreamed of working with. It's an amazing position to be in," he said. "It's a privilege, not a right. ... I'm basking in it, loving it, because as an artist, you get those moments, you live 'em up."

As for "Breaking Dawn," the musician/actor said he knows just as much as we do. Which is not a lot.

"They're keeping 'Breaking Dawn' under wraps," he said. We're all waiting on a script right now. It's all up in the air we don't even know when we're going to film."

Credit: MTV

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'Eclipse' Star Jackson Rathbone Recalls Being Sent To Hospital By Kellan Lutz

27 May 2010

We learned last month from Nikki Reed that one of the scariest moments on the "Eclipse" set was when Jackson Rathbone got punched. The third movie is the most action-packed of all the "Twilight Saga" films, and fortunately, Jackson was the only cast member to be hurt in any sort of serious way.

He and Kellan Lutz were practicing a scene in the film in which Jasper is teaching Emmett how to battle newborn vampires, and an accidental punch from Kellan caught Jackson in the temple and ended up with him being sent to the hospital. "Kellan and I were going over our moves we hadn't had any time to rehearse and we were out in mud, so it was really slick and everything," Jackson recalled to MTV News. "He punched too low, and I didn't duck low enough. He caught me right in the temple, kind of knocked me for a loop. I didn't fall, but I was kind of out of it for the next couple takes."

Lucky for Jackson, he happened to have a comrade on set who noticed he was acting a little weird. "My agent happened to be on set and was trying to talk to me apparently during the takes, and I wasn't listening or I wasn't really aware of what was happening," he said. "He was like, 'I think Jackson's kind of thrown for a loop. We should get him checked out.' Apparently, I wasn't speaking in full sentences, and I had a mild concussion. So they sent me to the hospital to get my brain checked out."

The star said that he was back at work by 5 am the next morning. "I heal quickly, you know. I'm like Wolverine, back in a jiffy," he joked. The irony of it all is that while working on "The Last Airbender," which required months of Kung Fu training and highly choreographed fight scenes, he wasn't injured yet, on the set of the "Twilight" movie, one little punch sent him to the hospital.

"I'm glad it wasn't a sword!" he said with a laugh, adding, "Hey, getting hit by a guy like Kellan and not falling down? I'm pretty happy with that." Sounds like he was pretty lucky after all.

Credit: MTV

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'Eclipse': Some Great Stories From The Set

25 Apr 2010

In honor of the release of the second "Eclipse." trailer, last night was the first ever live Facebook chat between fans and the stars of "The Twilight Saga," hosted by Summit Entertainment. While only about 8,000 viewers tuned in (we say "only" because we know there are millions of you out there), it was a nice chance to let the stars Nikki Reed, Julia Jones and Bryce Dallas Howard show off their chemistry and tell some tales from the set of "Eclipse." Even some news worthy stuff slipped in.

Rosalie Hale in the 1930s

Yesterday we had questioned whether or not Rosalie and the wolf pack would be getting flashbacks in the film for their backstories, and Nikki answered the former during the live chat. She said they had been able to do a decent amount of filming in the 1930s and get a chance to explain where Rosalie's character was coming from.

"Kristen and I shot a really intense seven page scene where I was just pouring my heart and explaining why I am the way I am," Nikki said, adding that Rosalie was "not a one dimensional character." "It's a frustrating feeling. You don't really get to say what you want to say, and you hope that you can convey what you want to say in the two seconds you're on screen."

She also tossed out Jack Huston's name as the actor playing her ex-fiance Royce King, who you will know best from the TV show "Eastwick."

Credit: MTV

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Jackson Rathbone Wants 'Zombie Stanley Kubrick' To Direct 'Breaking Dawn'

30 Mar 2010

'Twilight' actor also weighs in on whether 'Breaking Dawn' should be in 3-D.

Should "Breaking Dawn" be in 3-D? While all the "Twilight" stars have their own opinions, with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart not really digging the idea, MTV News caught up with Jackson Rathbone to get his take.

"I think some films work in 3-D, and some films don't," he told MTV News on the orange carpet at the Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend. "I don't necessarily think it should be 3-D, but, hey, you know, it's up for the production to decide."

Rathbone also weighed in on who should direct the flick. There are several big names up for the job including Gus Van Sant, Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon and Stephen Daldry but Rathbone has his own idea. "I'm really pulling for them to resurrect Stanley Kubrick and have him helm the film," he joked. "I'm really hoping for that. I want a zombie Stanley Kubrick to direct 'Twilight 4.' "

While that seems unlikely, Stewart and Pattinson are both rooting for Van Sant to come onboard. "He just makes stunning movies. I just love his work," Stewart said. "They've got so much depth. I feel that all of the movies have that [something]. I feel like all the directors have already brought that, but he's one of my favorites, so I would love that."

"He shoots everything in Portland," Pattinson said of why Van Sant would be perfect for the gig. "He's good at making it look beautiful."

Credit: MTV

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Gallery Update - Taylor, Nikki, & Jackson at Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards

28 Mar 2010

Last night Taylor, Nikki, and Jackson all attended the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. Taylor went away with two awards by the end of the evening. I've started adding some photos of the three on the "Orange" carpet... hopefully more will be added soon!

>>> 13 MQ Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards Orange Carpet

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Jackson Rathbone Celebrates 25th Birthday

21 Dec 2009

Celebrating his birthday Las Vegas style, Jackson Rathbone was spotted at The Bank at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Resort on Friday night (December 18).

The “Twilight” stud, who turns 25 on December 21, looked to be enjoying his birthday party which was complete with a huge man in a banana suit cake.

In other news, Mr Rathbone and his band, “100 Monkeys,” recently released their new album titled, “Grape.”

Of “Grape” the Jasper Hale actor tells, “We wrote songs as we caravanned cross-country, we recorded songs standing in piles of pillows in the middle of a living room, and we worked with countless amazing people to make it all happen.”

“100 Monkeys” will be setting out for a 100-city tour the day after Christmas.

Enjoy the pictures of Jackson Rathbone out celebrating his birthday (December 18).

Credit: Celebrity Gossip

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Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, & More Raise Their Voices For Charity

30 Nov 2009

So what does it take to get the stars from "Twilight," "High School Musical," and "Gossip Girl" (just to name a few) to join up on the screen? A really worthy cause. Hollywood's youngest heavy hitters, including "GG" stars Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, as well as Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, recently got together for "Coming Together as ONE," a public service announcement sponsored by the advocacy group ONE, to flight global poverty and preventable disease specifically in Africa.

The goal of the campaign is to recruit more young people in the battle against poverty. "In the last election, and over the course of history, young people have shown that when we get organized and committed, we are powerful. The fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease in poor countries needs our support, our energy and our commitment," Ashley told ONE.

Directed by Jesse Dylan (he's the same guy who won an Emmy for Barack Obama's "Yes We Can" campaign video), the PSA will air on The CW on Wednesday night. Although, if you want to get a sneak peak, you can check out the video (it launched on the eve of World Aids Day) on ONE's Web site now.

The 60-second clip also features "Heroes" actress Hayden Panettiere, "New Moon" vamps Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone, "90210" co-ed Tristan Wilds, "High School Musical" actor Corbin Bleu, John Cho and Brandon T. Jackson.

Credit: MTV

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Gallery Update - November Glamour UK Scans

11 Nov 2009

Added into the gallery of scans from November's Glamour UK Magazine, which has a feature on Ashley, Jackson, Nikki, and Kellan.

>>> 6 Scans November Glamour UK Magazine

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